This very particular hairstyle has a ritualistic and sacred origin. Here in the West, it is an image and sometimes one even related a certain lifestyle. In Jamaica, Rastafarianism is a religion, and rasta (dread) is how they call the devotee of Jah. In the East, for example, the people who use dreadlocks do it as a vote of austerity, as a sacrifice (a sacred deal) leaving them on for their whole lives.

Like with any art, dedication, patience and experience are required. Making good dreadlocks means knowing how to get them done without any improvisations. The secret of dreadlocks is in the assembling technique, which should be done with a job that takes its time and applies fundamental knowledge. Knowledge not only of the technique but also of the hair types, scalps, aesthetics, and most of all of the care of the person getting them done.